The Teacher and The Student

I like teaching. I like offering new ideas, perceptions, and theories to others. Many times the discussions in which I engage, offer me new perspectives. In counceling others, I am also counceled. I think it is relevant in any profession or position, that you remain aware that there are still many things to be learned. That even though you may teach, you may also learn. It is a reward. To learn is to grow. To grow is to teach. Thus, the teacher is also the student.


Freedom from the Mind

“My mind is the demon that steals my peace:
I’m trapped by my imagination;
Giving in to confrontation
I just wish that it would cease.”

There is purpose in quieting the mind to the overactive imagination that loves to bombared one with snapshots of all the negative possibilities that one may encounter in any given instance. I deal with this by breathing and recognizing fact from fiction. I’ve become pretty good at stopping those thoughts before they start, which allows for more confidence in my actions.

I have learned to trust my intuition, also. It is consistently validated – unlike the scenarios that could play out in my head if I’d let them. Life is enjoyable again. I am not bogged down by the unknown or the unseen – those things that used to paralyze me with fear for no good reason. I know, now, that because I think it could happen doesn’t mean it will.

Realizing that there is absolutely nothing to fear, is so freeing.

Trusting The Unknown

I’ve spent months wrapped up in worrying about the future and what I am now supposed to accomplish. I know I have a purpose, but as I delved inward this morning, I realized that it is not about ‘knowing’ what one is supposed to do, but in ‘trusting’ that voice of Divine Awareness that says, “Just be. The rest will take care of itself.”

I’ve spent half a year in the dark, without a clue – knowing in my soul that there is something I was supposed to be doing, but not realizing I already am. I Am. But I could not see it.

I had reached out to my community, but participation was lacking. I had reached out to my friends, who indulged me with wide eyes and requests to ‘let us go do something fun.’ But how can I have fun? Perhaps, I’ve come to take myself to seriously in my quest for a purpose – free from the real world. Bummer.

And so life has gone on. I go to work, grocery shop, help with homework, read, sleep, continuing all the while wondering. But slowly, my inwardness became comfortable. And I decided that since I didn’t know all there was to know about what the Divine had in store, I shrugged and went about my way.

In discussions with a friend, more like – me giving advice to others and in doing so- I find the answers were there all along, waiting to be realized. And so a flicker was born, once again. But this time in a not-so-obsessive way (I do tend to obsess). I allowed myself to be free from my obsession to know.

I’ve gone about with a new smile, knowing that all will be revealed when the time comes. Thanks to my friend, who is so similar to me in wanting to know and to control that I must temper him, to hold on and know that all will be well. And to remind us that, all of our lives, we have been deeper in the awareness of Divinity. That THAT which holds us has never let us down anywhere we were not supposed to be.

So, as I set about life comfortable in the unknown, I am reminded this morning – once again, that my ego wants to know the who, what, when, how – but my heart knows that knowing defeats the purpose of trusting.

A Focus on Freedom

A while ago, I set out to change the world. Writing, as much as I love it had become a hindrance. I couldn’t ‘hear’ and I couldn’t ‘see.’ I fought with myself and procrastinated about what I wanted to do, say, and be. I wanted it to be easy, to think it into existence as if I were really God. I could tell everyone else the truth of it all and I wouldn’t have to deal with any negative energy, people would accept everything I say without question, and the world would be exactly the way I want it. I quickly found out that I can’t change anything- talk about being bummed. I wanted us to hold hands and embrace each other’s differences, but we continue to spiral out of control. There a bits here and there that are absorbed and worked out, tweaked and practiced. Months flew by and I have neglected this passion.

I began changing. Slowly, at first, then each little bit contributed to a mental metamorphosis.

“Whoa..” (in my Keanu Reeves voice)

This introspection has taught me some things:

I can change me. I did notice that all my jabber about utopian possibilities weren’t all that effective while I still mindlessly watched television, participated in road rage, altered my appearance daily, etc. It dawned on me by the time Christmas rolled around, that in order to change things I have to lead by example. Not in writing or cyberspace. But in daily life – the way I interact with others, my body language, the words I use and the subliminal messages I send out in the form of energy (that needs to be positive). So, I can’t sulk in my room or office, be antisocial, and think anyone would listen to me talk about love and oneness… duh.

When one takes the time to become more self-aware, great things happen. Less conflict, more peace; Less talking, more doing; More love, less negativity. Doors open, unexpected and positive things begin to happen, your mind changes. When your mind changes, the way you react changes. When your reactions change, people start noticing and listening.

Share. Always. Your thoughts and feelings. I wasn’t necessarily raised this way, so it was really stepping out of my box to voice my true thoughts, opinions, and feelings in a format other than written word… I give more hugs, more smiles, more compliments, and you know what? I feel better. I feel really good. I take the time to slow down at the office, greet people when I walk by, smile at everyone, and even (you’ll think I’m crazy) silence my cell phone when I go home in the evenings. Best thing I ever did (besides having a family).

Distancing oneself from things (and people) that do not matter is truly freeing. I spend more time engaged in real conversation with my loved ones. I’m not reading like I used to – though I love to read, it does tend to get a bit obsessive with me. I am able to discuss these world changing, lovely ideas with my children. They are really fun and enjoy the social and philosophical concepts I introduce to them. They are full of wonder and love for everyone – I hope this never changes.

Finding passion for fellow humans. I created a group that meets monthly to discuss the world around us, the meaningful conversations, not about politics or entertainment. Through meditation, mindfulness, and open minds, we are learning to free ourselves from these boxes and labels that clutter our world and demean our human experience.

I found out (again) that we are born awesome. We are told that we are faulty, but that is just not true. We are all on a journey. It’s different for each of us. I look inward for my truth, but I also look outward at yours – because it is just as true. One level is not better than another. I’m learning to embrace everything and everyone (this includes opinions). The good and the bad, being aware of these but not giving away too much energy.  I hope it helps someone else.

To Change the World

Every challenge is an opportunity to learn about yourself. We can choose to blame society, the government, our forefathers, our Creator for all that is wrong in the world or we can accept who we really are and love ourselves anyway. 

All of us are each other. We are one and the same. We are all capable of the greatest of evils or the greatest good. Our world is our choice. The only way to change the world, is to change your mind. To change society, change your ambitions. To change the government, change your expectations. To change humanity, change your heart. 

We already have the power to make a difference. The only excuse is whether or not we choose to act in some way relevant to our talents. Everything is already at our fingertips. Faith in ‘ourself’ is the only power we will ever need. Stop fearing the possibility of failure.

 In these challenging times, may we(I) remember that there is a perfect order to life. Our pursuit to satisfy our ego has devastated our planet, each other and ultimately, ourselves. By feeding our ego, we have separated ourselves from each other. We have created an entire world full of competition and indulgence that has led us to this time in humanity. Even the forces of nature are an expression of our own consciousness. Our anger, bitterness, judgment, self-righteousness have created a tumultuous environment.  

Reconsider your self-worth, all of life depends on it. 

The Time is Now & The Who?…

We have heard that the time is now. In the case of self-discovery, it is true. As it is true for everything. If there must be a change, then do it. If there must be an awakening, then be it. If time doesn’t truly exist, then all you have is now.

There is no other excuse – you will never have the time, you will never have the money, you will never have what you want. Your ideas are rooted in imagination, not reality. For in reality, we find that the things we wanted were only the things we thought we wanted. For all that we truly want is already here. There is no searching for truth – out there, it is already here.All that you want and need is within.

There is no follower or leader, it is you.  You are the Almighty Creator of your universe and as such, you are able to see the balance of all things – because you are that balance. If there is beauty, there must be ugliness. If there is life, then, there must be death. If there is light, there must also be darkness. You are life and death, light and dark, ugliness and beauty. Within you is the power of all things. You are the earth. The air. The fire. The water. All of those things that make up our universe is made of the same things of which you are made!

You, in essence, are the Universe. You are its power, its healing, its destruction, and its sickness. Be the Power or be the Destroyer. Be the Light or Be the Dark. Be the Health or Be the Sickness. The Choice is Yours. But, the Disregard is yours also. To do nothing, affects all of us. We are the universe. We are One. And as One, we must Be One. But we can only Be One if Every One can let go & just Be.

This is difficult for us to do because of fear. I fear the same things, maybe, that you fear. I realized yesterday, that I have been out of tune, so to speak. Almost like a wave. I go out and come back. Lose myself in the world, walking around aimlessly feeling like a stranger on a strange planet, and come back.  But this morning, I remembered. I remembered, that now is all I have. This moment that I need to share with you, so that you will remember that now is all you have. You are my passion. And if I must do what I love, then, I must tell you that you must find time to be quiet within yourself.

Know that all that you are is everything and nothing. Everyone and no one. Your consciousness is my consciousness.  Our bodies are limited, but our Beings are not. Our minds are Limited, but our Consciousness is not. Our frequency is universal. We are the same, you and I. We are connected beyond this life, beyond those things that can be seen.

You are the Creator and the Created. You no longer have to toil with the idea that there is some sort of Puppet Master that doles out Judgement. We chose this. We Created This. We let it get a little out of hand. We must repair this. We have to look within to deal with the outside. We have to do it together to make it change. The time to do so, is now. The one to do it… that’s us.

The Way of Truth

I have been thinking about Truth since my last post. Some say that “truth is what you experience, that truth is personal. You cannot follow someone else’s truth.” But that limits truth to experience, when truth, at least for me, is not based on experience or based on physicality.

Perhaps I am reaching too high, but I like to believe that truth lies within our higher consciousness. That it is not ‘down here’ where we are – there is only relative truth, not Truth as in, the way it really is – which we know nothing about.  Our minds have yet to comprehend the workings of the Universe (if there really is just a universe). Science has barely broken this ground, it is still the final frontier, or at least, next-to-final. Consciousness, not personal or human consciousness, but true Consciousness that flows within all living things – that is “us” – that is where Truth lies.

How do you get there?

You be still. Be quiet. Empty your mind. This works best for me outside. I hear birds chirping and trees swaying with the wind instead of the constant humming of electronics. I let go of the to-do lists and plans. I breathe deeply and purposefully, while basking in the beauty that surrounds me. Sometimes, I weed my garden barefoot to not only feel the lush grass, but the damp, fertile soil – the womb of life that is nurtured by the sun. The Sun, who spreads seed upon the earth via wind and follows with the rain to set it. There is beauty and wonder all around us. We are blessed to have been chosen to leave the realm of Higher Consciousness to witness the miraculous cycle of life. However, finding truth in the miracle of life is relative. Even the plants must overcome obstacles to stay alive: nutrients, rain, temperature. Some plants may see life as drudgery, as some humans do.

But it is not purposeless and that is Truth. The plant has a purpose and knows not why it is here – but we do. We appreciate the plants and the role they play to keep our human bodies alive. The human has a purpose and knows not why it is here – but something does. Perhaps the Whole of Consciousness knows why we are here. We will return, one day, and find out. And when we continue this cycle, we will, once again, be human. We will, once again, be sent to find our way back to Truth. And as each subsequent cycle continues to expand our knowledge and our connection to the Whole, eventually, we will figure it all out. Then, we will complete a much larger cycle and therein, know the Whole Truth.

My Path. (Or is it?)

I haven’t had much time to think nor to dwell on my own journey the past couple of weeks. Time has flown and sometimes I am unable to slow down and realize which path I have just taken. I think there are many people who do that but keep going, never stopping to contemplate their chosen path, until something crazy happens. I contemplate when events are still and I can focus, when there are no school programs to attend, no obligations of which I am a part. When they are done, I sit again and wonder where the time went.

This time that we have created makes us feel old and worn out. If time did not exist, would you do things differently?

If you did not age, what difference would it make your life?

When we are children, our minds are open, fresh, and full of innocence and unconditional love for everyone and everything. As children, we are curious about differences, not afraid of them. We are raised with rules and regulations, societal standards are (sometimes) taught in the home and in school.

Then we are on our own as adults trying to come to grips with a life that is not our own, but what we were taught was right path. What if it wasn’t your path at all? How do you change what you have created?

I veered from the main road long ago, ending up on a smaller deer trail. Not many people have chosen that path that I was on, but even this path has gotten too wide. I may have merged on the main one. Somewhere.

I keep spotting lovely distractions along the way; I try to walk cautiously toward them. But my family is on the main path. I stay with them but my eyes stay averted, looking longingly at the thick, trail-less scenery and wish to navigate through it and experience the magic that nature breathes.

I realize now that when I had children; I quickly rushed them back to the main path, the path that my parents walked with me… oops. Though, we have stayed on the edge of the path and others look at us crazy like we will be swallowed in darkness because they are afraid of the woods. I want to be swallowed in the woods. I want my kids to be free to wander about in whichever way they want to go. They will not be afraid. Why am I?

The Journey of Self

I am on a journey. One of discovering what it means to be truly free. Not social liberty (though it becomes that way), nor anything to do with the government, but this is a journey of freedom of self. Each of us are capable of living beyond the mundane existence of society, above salaries, above the Jones’ to find true peace and understanding.

With Peace and Understanding, happiness follows. For in Higher Living, there is no anger, no fear, no worry, no regret. There just is, and we just are. But only for now, as there is a Higher Self of which we are all a part. We are simply supressed from it at the moment. Our own human-ness has clouded the greater understanding.

I will try to refrain from mentioning Human Consciousness, because the Whole of Consciousness is not Human. It is beyond human. You may call it Spiritual, but it is more than that also. It’s existence is more incredible than can be explained by human words.

My journey has been full of misinformation and speculation, but also full of self-discovery and confirmation. The validation comes from within as you discover the Higher Self or Higher Consciousness and its relationship with humans; this connection to others of which all living things have and are a part.

We exist in a reality of our own creation. Once we have chosen to “give up” the meaningless-ness and purposeless-ness of the material world, we can live as creative, loving beings in peace and harmony with one another and within the so-called ‘universe’.

But even with this knowledge of how to be and how to live, the journey for me, is finding a way to reconcile that which I “know” and that which I live. And one of my personal challenges at the moment, is teaching my children what I “know” in such a way as to give them a choice when they are older: “Here is the world. Here is the Higher Self. It is your turn now to find your own path, your own reconciliation. This is the rest of your journey. Go  and find it and be at peace.”

The world is full of misinformation and speculation, however. The Media, the Government, and the Religions are all vying for a piece of us. It is up to us, individually, to determine how much of ourselves we are willing to give away. How much will we waste on those who don’t appreciated us or those who profit from our losses, profit from our fears, profit because they told us that we need this latest, greatest thing/drug/product/offer? After all, we really do need a new wardrobe every season of every year, we need those fake eyelashes and a Hemi. We need to look like starved, golden children; smooth with no fat or wrinkles. Right?

It is up to us, individually, as to how much of ourselves we choose throw away. I say “throw away” because it truly does not benefit anyone, except those that make money from it. But even they will not benefit in the end. They have no idea how worthless it all truly is. The money is fake. The credit is fake. And one day, it will be revealed as the Nothing it really is and those that have put everything into this Nothing, will obviously, have Nothing…

I am an average J. Doe. I grew up in middle class America, raised by boomers during the 80’s, ten years after they stopped having children. I was a surprise. I grew up thinking about how I was a mistake, an accident with a purposeless and pointless existence. Now, that is not the case. I had to find my way, my own path. And along this path, I have realized that there is Purpose. The purpose is reaching a point in Human Existence, where one surpasses that which holds no meaning.

I must share my view with others because we are One when we are Beyond, we are One in the Whole of Higher Self, Higher Consciousness.

A New Beginning

I am compelled by a sense of urgency to relate to you how I feel about being free. Autonomy should not be limited to governments and religions, to rights and morals, or to society as a whole, but to one’s self. You may be ignorant of the cage in which you are living and some of you are unfortunately comfortable in your little cage. You are surrounded by your Snuggies, your smoothies, and your smartphones. You have all that you could want.

You may work hard for what you have, or then again, you may have someone who works hard for you so that you may relish life in HD. But everything that you have and everything that you love does not come free. Those things that are important require an investment on your part, whether it is money for a service or product, or it is time for a loved one or favorite show. There is a cost.

How much of yourself are you spending?

Do you replenish or exhaust?

The world seems to be getting a little crazy. There is always the next big disaster, political scandal, or celebrity rumor. We are bombarded by media (whose ratings go up during crises, by the way). Why do you spend so much time on things that have nothing to do with you? You enjoy terror or do you enjoy the pain you feel when other’s are suffering? Do you enjoy debating the Left or Right, or just being the Devil’s Advocate in the middle? Do you envy the thought that celebrities are also real people with real problems or does it make you feel better about not being in the limelight?

Our focus is so terribly skewed by things that do not matter, yet we put so much stock in them instead of investing time with our children, with our pets, with our neighbors, with nature- you know,  those things that we are nevertheless connected to… You have made your cage, but the door is wide open.

Will you step outside your comfort and explore the reality around you, instead of a cheaply produced version on television?